Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lily & Her Grandpas

Lily loves her Grandpa & Bop!!

And they love her too!!!

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There's a lot of pictures, but that's Christmas, right? These are absolutely NOT in chronological order-it was too much moving around.

Lily & my Grandma Wilma

My Grandpa Roy & the kids

Grandma Gladys & Lily

AAGGHH!! Even Batman can't escape Lily-izila!

Macy got cowgirl house shoes for Christmas-she made sure they slept right beside her.

Decorating cookies with Grandma-a Christmas tradition since Macy was big enough to stand up!

You didn't see that!

The finished product-yummy to eat (if you didn't watch Jack frost & lick! HA!)

My brother sent this to my mom-where he found it, who knows! A Christmas Story is one of my family's favorite Christmas shows & one of my mom's all-time favorites. She actually wore out a VHS tape of this movie she watched it so many times!!

And, our biggest, best Christmas present!
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