Friday, February 20, 2009

Time, stand still

Jack is getting so big, so fast...I think being the only boy makes it harder. I know that my sweet girls will always have a hug for me & be quick with words of endearment, but someday soon Jack will be a huge, hairy man with no time for his momma...just like this little boy, Time won't stand still.

"Jack, I love you so much...what will I do when you are too big to carry, what will I do when you are 4?"

To which Jack replies "You'll still love me!". Yes, yes I will...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a mess!

WARNING!!! IF you are like my sweet friend that hates pictures of messy-faced babies, then this post is not for you-move on. IF you are like my other sweet friend that doesn't like messes, then this post isn't for you either (sorry girls!), but I just had to share these. We took the pictures because we have traditionally taken pictures of all of our babies the 1st time they feed themselves spaghetti & of course, Lily enjoyed her meal so much, just look at her face. I'm telling you, she ate as much as Macy did last night. And, as is tradition, she did get a bath in the sink to finish it off!

"See, I've even got it under my chin & down my belly!"

Spaghetti sauce just makes the eyes that much bluer...

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It's him!!! It's really him!!

I'm considering obtaining my Master's degree in Theology, along with the mister. There. I've said maybe I'll get more serious about discerning whether I'm called to do this or not. Just don't tell him because I don't want to listen to all the "I told you so's" that are to come! I'm just not sure if this is a good time to take on something of this magnitude, even though it seems right, because of the impending "busy-ness" that my life will be filled with in the next few months.

Anyhow, this weekend we went with friends to a conference that was outstanding! The keynote speaker was Dr.Scott Hahn, a very well-known & well-respected theologian & professor & one of our personal favorites. When he took the stage, I was more excited to see him than I would have been to see any celebrity or rock star of any magnitude. It was fun to finally see him in person & listen to him impart a tiny bit of his knowledge-very inspiring.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What kind of day?

The other day we had wind gusts upwards of 50 mph...nothing uncommon but not pleasant, especially in February when that usually means that it's a COLD 50 mph wind. Anyway, Jack at 7:30 that morning, informs me that he thinks "we should all go outside & play because it's just GEORGE-eous!" Uh, no son, that's just a product of your upbringing in these parts-most people label that a truly nasty day.

I love how he says things...

If I haven't told you this one, he said the other day that he couldn't remember when daddy & I got married. I told him that was because he wasn't there & he quickly responded "Oh, that's right, we were probably waiting out in the car!" (I promise I don't leave them for long, extended periods of time unsupervised in the vehicle-at least not without a movie playing! LOL!!! Just kidding!!!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lily at 9 months

One thing about's not hard to get her to smile!

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Winter? What winter?

This sums up our winter so far...a measly tiny icicle hanging by a thread.

Macy has been saving her allowance for months & decided she wanted to buy them both some walkie-talkies...we got them home & the kids were trying them out & it was a hoot. First, neither can remember to push the button to talk, but that's okay-they yell so loud into the mic that they can hear each other across the house! Then, mostly all they say to each other is "Macy! I love you!" "I love you too, Jack!"


Lily is only 2 1/2 months away from her 1st birthday & I just cannot believe it...she's still my little baby!! She's not crawling yet (she goes backwards when she tries), but she can somehow scoot around on her bottom some, never staying in the same place you left her. She LOVES table food, even things I never thought she would like (potato soup? yes!).

I love those blue eyes!!

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Macy's daddy is a HUGE fan of Legos-always has been, always will...sometimes (ok, most of the time) when we go to Toys-R-Us, he abandons me & makes his way over to the Lego isle & then won't leave! I have to say, the things he can build are pretty amazing...anyway, he is fostering this same love in our children as well & one of Macy's Christmas gifts was a Lego set. They worked on it together, but she really did most of it all by herself. I think they are like-minded!! I'm not gifted in the Lego building area...

Now, I would really like to ask the Lego people why they don't have a girls line? It's rather biased towards boys, but this girl had so much fun building a dragster (of all things) that I know she would love something similar that was more girl oriented...
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Jack is very much in the pretend world right now-most of the time he's a super hero, but today it was a cowboy...I just love the hat. It was a hard day workin' cattle out on the ranch, you know.

This was while I was gone on my ACTS retreat...he got himself ready for church.

In case you are really looking over this photo & realize I did the retreat way into January & the tree is still up, never fear-it did finally come down! Every year, the hubby & I forget to put something in the attic when cleaning up Christmas decorations-usually it's the wreath on the front door, or the garland over the picture in the dining room. Believe it or not, this year it was actually the tree. How, you ask, does one forget something so large? For this, my only answer is we have 3 kids & I'm pregnant-that's my excuse for everything these days! Oh, wait, we were waiting for Epiphany...that's right! This was a time when I really needed my friend from Houston-she would have been over probably a week before taking that sucker down & helping me pack it up because it would drive HER crazy!!
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