Friday, April 29, 2011

project 52:17 - routine

It starts when they are babies as a schedule...then moves into routines...and becomes what?  Habits?  We work to shape the days into some semblance of normalcy, trying to make patterns, rhythms to each day, so that little bodies are comforted, learning what to expect next.

It is in my very nature to fight & resist routines & schedules-I find myself dreading whatever chore is assigned to a certain day just because it happens on the same day every week!  But, the more I figure out these kids...and this one in particular...the more I discover how they crave predictability.  He feels more secure when he knows that I'll be making scones every Saturday morning or that tonight was pizza night...or that Monday is his pj day and that we will go to church on Sunday and every night we will read from Ramona.  

One afternoon routine we've had for a long time is after he gets home from school, we snuggle on the couch & watch tv.  We have decided that tv is not what this active little body needs (or any of the kids actually) & have cut it out, expecting him to burn off energy instead, and as a result, we've had to change up our afternoons.  It took several days of complaining & whining (on both our parts because what momma can resist snuggling with her sweet boy?) but we now have a new routine.  He loves to help cook in the kitchen-we make snacks for when Macy gets home or start on supper, & he is my taste-tester, stirrer, pourer, & even slicer.  And, I have found, that even better than snuggling up & getting to smell his sweet little head is the conversations we get to have.  Well...maybe not better but just as good!

Friday, April 22, 2011

project 52:16 - on the go

This week, my body has been stationed in my hubby's chair with a heating pad...instead of in my trusty 'burb...and I finally felt up to "getting out" today.  What struck me first was my gas gauge.  It's STILL on FULL.  Now, you have to understand that me & my faithful steed go through a full tank of gas every week ($100 a week doesn't fill the thirsty beast) running around town...taking kids to school, getting groceries...pick up this or that...meeting for playgroups...helping out here & there.  Being a "stay" at home mom doesn't live up to its moniker these days & honestly I don't know how we ever functioned & got everything done with both of us working (hats off to those of you that do).  

But this week, through my imposed time out from life, I remembered how good it is to be home too.  And, I'm not just thinking of the extra Mr. Ben Franklin that's still in my wallet.  I snuggled...a lot...with the kids.  I read on books.  I had sweet friends come keep me company (& my momma came & took care of us!).  I even watched some TV.  I had a "hall pass" to not worry about the dishes and supper and laundry...and enjoyed taking it easy.

To shift (& try to act like I have a deep, connected point), I have felt this Lenten season has been "on the go" for me as well...I've cruised through week after week, totally preoccupied with busy things, and I find myself tonight on Good Friday 'proud' of myself because I finally remembered to abstain from meat.  Never made it to Stations, or even a fish fry for crazy sakes' (and we call ourselves Catholic!).  I'm taking in Easter with all it's glory & have made a commitment to not let a beautiful moment pass by.  My husband & I are attending the vigil service together & then going with our whole family on Easter Sunday.  I'm so excited to attend both!

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; 
and be thankful."
Colossians 3:14-16

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ava has talent

She can't form sentences yet (except for "Why-ee momma?"), but she can sing Justin Bieber.  It's sad, really...I think the first song Macy sang was "Jesus loves me."  But that's what happens when you have older siblings!! Heehee!

project 52:15 - spring cleaning

Today the girls helped me "spring clean" (aka, shovel the dirt off) the back porch.  It was rather dirty after the less-than-lovely springtime weather we have had lately.  We worked together...and had time for girl talk since the boys were inside.  I love doing things with my girls, teaching them how to be a mom, a woman.  My girls are a lot like me...they will pretty much do anything we ask as long as there's someone to do it beside them, so part of the fun today was that no one was complaining that they had to clean, all of us just happy to have the companionship of each other.  

And after we were done...we all got books & sat together to read & enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Lilybug

Today is her birthday...and she woke up with throw-up crusted in her hair.  When Macy said "Happy birthday, Lily!"  She replied "Happy birthday Mae-mae"...and started to cry.  Your special day should never start this way!

And, we had plans for her...breakfast & ice cream & some shopping...but it will have to happen another day.
Lily has had some tummy problems of late.  On Monday, it was almost the same story.  When her daddy came home she was relating the day to him: "Daddy, this morning I got sick.  I thought I was going to throw up but I throwed down."  I guess since she hit the trash it was throwing "down".

In a lot of ways, Lily shows me that she is full-on "three" my dad so perfectly said "Three is just the terrible two's with experience."  She also shows me daily that she is growing up & trying to be just like her big sister (asking if I can turn on "Tator Swish" on the radio, which would be Taylor Swift for those of you that don't speak toddler).  But she's also the child that still wants to be the baby...wanting me to carry her, or to let her ride in the stroller, or help her do things she can do herself.  I think she knows a good thing when she sees it!

So, we will celebrate today the little soul that is Lily Michelle...with pancakes and chocolate cake and homemade vanilla ice cream all by request.  And we thank our God for sending her to our family!

PS-in case you have looked at the menu for tonight & are concerned...her tummy seems to be better tonight!  And, can you deny a girl her chocolate on her birthday??


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Friday, April 8, 2011

project 52:14 - picnics

We have enjoyed a picnic every day this week...and I love it.  Whether at the park or in our backyard, lunch is just better outside.  Kids make a picnic fun-they appreciate the specialness of it.  They also make it a little challenging-spilled drinks & sandwiches, dirt in the food, & "sharing" off other's plates come with the territory.  But we get to talk about the sounds and sights and smells you don't have at the table.

Spring is here, I do believe!  And so are picnics...and park playdates...and bicycle rides...and gardens...and sunshine longer in the day!  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finishing up

All I can say is busy.  I can't believe 3 weeks have passed since our trip.  So, on this incredibly windy, nasty (but we have to love it 'cause we live with it) day, I'm finishing up the pretty, fun beach trip pictures & stories.

Lily is in love with the beach...can you tell?

Sometimes I wonder what's going through her little mind...

She never got used to the awe of the ocean while we were there.

I always tell my kids that I'm willing to take them places & do fun things for them & all I ask in return is to act happy in a few pictures!  They complied.

 We did unwind after kids were snoozing...notice, like good, practical moms, we actually packed a crock pot to cook in!  It was handy!!

Lily & her big green bucket...I love this picture.

And, if this one doesn't say Lily, I don't know a picture that would.  She makes me laugh so hard!

We took the kids on a dolphin watching boat ride from town and were not disappointed!  The ride was chilly, but we saw lots of dolphins playing & chasing beside the boat.  

Chilly but SO excited!!  The girl loves marine animals as much as land animals!
Again, we were in the mind-set of thinking we were at the beach & it should be hot & we didn't take coats, jackets, even jeans for this boat ride.  Luckily, there was a blanket to wrap up in!

After the boat ride, we found a seafood place in town to eat lunch at...they didn't disappoint.

And, we did some souvenir shopping...where the kids somehow talked me into hermit crabs.

To finish the trip, we left Port A & headed to Houston to visit our friends the Stewarts!!  We got to stay overnight with them & Tracy was very accommodating to let all of us crash at her house!  It reminded me of old times...and it was very hard to leave them.
All our kids, minus Ava
 These girls picked up where they left off...and loved being together again.  Time & distance hasn't dampened their friendship...