Monday, December 19, 2011

project 52:49 - refereeing

This is an example of the things my children can argue over...which Chick-fil-A cow is who's.  Apparently there is a difference, though I challenge you to figure out which is Ava's & which is Lily's in this picture.

Sometimes the arguing, tattling & picking is textbook ("uh-un", "yes-huh", "uh-un", "yes-huh" or "Mommm, Jack's looking at me!"), sometimes it is humorous, down-right baffling, or exhausting...but it's part of life, learning how to co-exist with other people that annoy you (hello life lesson!) and helping them learn conflict resolution will pay off down the road.  ALL of my children may become attorneys though (very, very skilled at debate).  

Jack's teacher told me that siblings that fight are a product of parents that have a loving, strong relationship because the kids don't worry about their security so they can bicker about the little things.  I don't know if it's true (I know some really awesome parents with kids that all get along great!), but it darn sure made me feel good!!  Haahaa!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

*chirp, chirp*

Well, the "nesting" phase is starting to kick in which means I've been busy cleaning out closests, weeding out clothes, and making baby things instead of updating my blog.

My third trimester starts in 4 days-it's getting closer to baby time!

We did take time (finally) to put up our "Missmuss" tree (as Ava calls it) and to start Christmas shopping.  I just have to say I love Amazon prime.  Free 2 day shipping is da' bomb when you are faced with mall crowds and freezing weather.  We went from no shopping to almost done in a matter of a couple hours.  And, with any luck, it'll all get here before Christmas day.
We can add poor, defenseless sheep to the list of things Brooke finds palatable...where were the shepherds when she snuck in like a wolf & devoured our little fuzzy sheep that's part of our nativity??  The little creatures didn't even make it 12 hours.  Brooke is vicious and voracious when it comes to things that are fuzzy & stuffed.  Or hard plastic.  Or paper or wood.  Or pretty much any composition, it's fair game for chewing.  She needs exercise, I know, but she also likes to eat her leashes so it makes it difficult to take her out for a walk.  It's just a phase, right?  

Friday, December 2, 2011

project 52:48 - me do

Independence.  Learning it takes a lot of patience on both sides of the fence.  Ava is definitely wanting more independence-dressing herself, buckling herself, carrying her milk to the table, and walking in parking lots, resulting in tears of frustration when she can't do it like she wants or when there simply isn't enough time for her to take 10 minutes to put on her shoes.  I hate that so much of the time I have a "rush-rush" feeling, I catch myself telling the girls "hurry up, we've got to go!  Not this time, we have to hurry!" all day long.  Momma has got to have more patience so these girls can practice new things because the smile, the sense of accomplishment when one of them does it right in her mind is priceless.  

What started off as "me do! me do!" is now "I do it myself momma".  One thing about it, when we tell the kids to get their pjs on, she's the only one to do it right away, first time she's asked!  There's the silver lining on the cloud of independence!  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not a Fan

This weekend, when I asked my nephew if he would like a banana, he replied "yeah, I'm really not a fan of bananas". My mom & I found this response hilarious & I realize that you have to know Caden & to have heard his delivery to "get it" but do you know what I'm "not a fan of" these days? Blogs that have mobile versions. I like the real deal (so old fashioned I know) and I don't mind waiting for them to load, thank you. The problem is the pictures...I love looking at the pictures on blogs and they don't work right on mobile-it switches to another post if you try to scroll. Now I do love the blogs themselves, don't get me wrong-I just switch to full site, so I don't miss a thing! But that's just me.

My son has already worn a hole in his backpack. And his shoes. Keep in mind we are only 3 months into school.

The two big girls got to go on a date night tonight to our very most awesome Chick-fil-a (shameless & possibly biased plug). Part of the fun for them was picking their own outfit & getting all ready. Please take note that Lily made sure to accessorize. The icing on the evening...a limo ride awaiting them after their meal. Can you get any more awesome?

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

project 52:47 - boo boo kisses

"Momma, can you kiss it?"

Why does a momma's (or daddy's) kiss make everything better?  What genius thought of that?  Jack & Macy are a little big for my kisses to do much magic healing anymore, but it still works well for the little girls.  And it's so sweet!  Just a little reminder that your little ones think you are the biggest & best thing in the world, there to protect them & make everything better.  Most of the time it's small (one might even say invisible) boo boo's that need kissing & looking over, but occasionally they are bigger...requiring maybe even a trip to see the doctor.  Jack is okay after being looked at but I think he learned he's too big for bucking bronc rides from big sister.

(Happy Thanksgiving to all...there are only 5 weeks left in the year, only 5 more pictures for me to capture motherhood with.  On the same token, it seems unreal that the year is almost past, that I'm almost to complete something that seemed so far away only yesterday.  I have loved this project and cannot wait to order my book-it will be treasured for years to come.)

Monday, November 21, 2011

A dog's profession

Other than making us happy & letting me rub her ears for comfort like a warm blankie, this is Brooke's sole occupation, all I expect from her.
 Just clean up the milk spills...that's right, over here is a little more...
Make sure you get it all.  Good dog!!  

I'm just saying, it saves me a LOT of time because we have a LOT of milk spills in this house.  She performs her duties well, as milk seems to be her favorite thing to lick up off the floor.  She is very thorough, sometimes I don't even need to follow up afterwards.  Just kidding!!  Haha!  Unless that doesn't bother you & you also realize there's far worse on my floor & you still would come over for dinner if asked, because in that case, I'm totally serious.  

Happy Monday people! 

project 52:46 - full of love

I have caught the bug...the quilting bug.  As far as sewing goes, this is my cup of tea because it doesn't require a pattern, it's mostly straight lines, and there's no fittings.  I've always enjoyed the craftier side of sewing instead of practical (if that's what you would call sewing clothing.  Blech.).

That said, this is my second quilt ever to make (first one being a denim one a couple of weeks ago) and I plan on it being baby boy's beloved blankie.  It has a lot of mistakes in it...but it has a lot of love in it as well and that's all that matters.  I prayed for this baby and dreamed about this baby during every stage of making this blanket-from picking fabrics down to sewing on the binding.  

So much of what we do as a momma is done full of love...because we put our whole heart into our vocation.  I've found when I'm dreading some menial chore around the house, if I'll remember to do it out of love and thanksgiving, it makes it so much easier to do.  Those 16 pairs of pants (sometimes more) that have piled up in only 4 days are reminders of my house that's full of love instead of boring pants to fold & put away.  (Don't get me wrong...I am actively teaching my kids how to fold clothes as I put this up!  Haha!)

Just one last thing...and I may have said it before, but so many times people love to say "boy, you sure have your hands full!" And I am quick to agree with them- "yes, I do, and I am blessed they are full rather than empty".  I say that with the humblest regard to those who long to have their hands full and don't quite yet.  I know that this crazy life is a blessing not to be taken granted.  And know that I pray for all of you who hope and long and pray for arms full of love.  

Lazy Saturday mornings

I love our lazy Saturday where to go, nothing scheduled.  Kids play, we sit cozy by the fire, eating scones & drinking coffee.

On another note...I used to do this as a kid.  I would bring out my shorts & t-shirts in the middle of winter & go sit on the heater vents.  Why?  I can't tell you...I don't know.  But it's funny to me to see one of my children doing it as well.  I was also a reader like this daughter of mine at this age...she can move through a book in a day or two.  For awhile I thought she was skimming or skipping or something, but she can tell you everything about the book AND pass an AR test on it, so I guess she really is reading!  Haha!

Macy is moving away from toys and into more big kid things to do.  A lot of times, she would rather read her book than play some imaginary game with the other kids & she sanctioned the relocation of Barbieville out of her room.  *sniff, sniff*...yes, she's growing up despite all her promises to her momma when she was three to stay "just this big forever".  You know, so far none of my kids have held to that promise.  Dang it.

ps-look for your "we've moved" address changes in the mail for Barbie & Ken & their plethora of horses-they now live in a country estate with more room for the horses to pasture. (aka-the den)  It's working splendidly as the little girls no longer have any reason to go into Macy's room (except to get into her make-up which was always the primary reason to begin with).

Sky on fire

We have had some beautiful, breath-taking, almost unreal sunsets and sunrises this year.  This one is unedited, straight out of the camera from our front door.  It stopped me mid-sentence, I just had to run outside & experience it!

(God's work is always performance art...changing quickly!  I was in such a hurry to capture the color that I didn't have all my settings as good as they could have been, thus the movement in the picture from the clouds humming along & the wind blowing the trees.)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a few families over for supper & trick or treating.  This is one of those events that's so much more fun when shared with friends.

 Lily as Strawberry Shortcake.  I love her freckles.  And the spicy pose.

 The three amigos...Cannon, Jack, and Mason
 Gracelyn was Taylor Swift, Macy a hippy.

 Gracie as Snow White, Livi as a kitty cat "with a tail!".  She loved her tail!

The littles...Kaitlyn, Ava, & Reece.  Now these three were always lagging behind but they had so much fun going up to the houses & asking for candy!

 And bittie (so to speak) Noah as the cutest tiger of the night.

 A very beautiful sunset as we set out...

It was somewhat chaotic after it got dark...we were out numbered by just a little, but more importantly we (the adults) were slower.
After we made the rounds, we all came back & let the kids tear into their candy while we patted ourselves on the back for returning with the same number of kids that we left with!!  HA!!

Filling in the blanks

Events from October...

We were honored and blessed to be Noah's godparents.  It was a beautiful celebration as we welcomed this sweet angel into God's family.  

We had our first snow of the season.  Brooke LOVED it.  She ate it, she ran in it, she pounced and bounced, she stole mittens and hats.  The kids went between being terrified of her running away and laughing at her.  In the end, she came home-imagine that.

The snow was sooooo wet.  The kids made huge snow balls that were intended to be the start of a fort, but they got cold & it was all melted the next day.  It was so strange to have leaves on the trees and green grass peeking through the snow.

Jack enjoying a bubble bath in mommy's tub.

On the actual day of Jack's birthday, we had a family celebration.  The girls decorated his cake after we ate sushi for supper (his request) while he & his dad built something in the garage.

 He also got to open a few presents from us.  I think his smile says it all!

 We love ya Jack!!

project 52:45 - nursing

We have had sick babies this week at our house.  A couple trips to see doctors, several canceled appointments, clearing the schedule...all to stay home & rest & rock & recuperate.  It's hard when they are sick-you hate to have your kiddos not feeling good, and the worry can wear you out in a hurry.  My arms ache from holding a 2 year old almost non-stop for 3 days, but at the same time I treasured the snuggles.  And today we are so very thankful that no fevers have come back, and the girls are feeling good enough to argue.  That's a good sign, right?  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

project 52:44 - hand-me-downs

I would be remiss if I failed to mention this part of motherhood.  Every season, every kid...the clothes shuffle has to take place.  I am blessed with clothes from a friend, then I sort through Macy's clothes of what to keep, what to pass to another friend.  Same with Jack, Lily, and Ava.  One of the benefits to having 3 girls is that I know their clothes will get good use!  

This is quite an undertaking, one that I enjoy but tend to put off until one day it snows in October & the kids only have shorts in their dresser drawers!  The kids are always excited to have their "new" clothes to wear & have to change several times a day until they get all the new stuff worn.  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Big Reveal

So, one of our questions was answered today!

We are so happy.  The best news, the baby is doing great.  HE has a healthy heart, all systems are functioning & growing just like they should.  HE wasn't very cooperative for a picture of his face, but we did see cute little arms (with big shoulder muscles) and fingers, long toes, and a yawn.  God is so good!

Jack keeps saying "It's a boy!" and asking all kinds of cute questions like "Will he go to St. Mary's with me?  Will he sleep in my bed?"  Macy was super excited because "I get to keep my own room!!!!" And Lily was happy, Ava cried because all the balloons flew away.  Ha!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm pondering...

How much is too much raiding of the kids Halloween candy? I mean, there's four of them, so I can spread it out evenly, or do I base it on age, thinking the littler you are the less candy you need in that tiny body?

Mostly I just look for what I want, irregardless of the bag!!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

project 52:43 - making music

Jack is also learning piano this year.  It's not his favorite thing to do, in fact, I've decided it would almost be considered punishment in his mind ("you hit your sister? Go practice piano for 15 min!!!"), but when God dumps a free piano in your lap, it seems there's little excuse for not having everyone take lessons.  Jack is growing, expanding his brain, creating a building block that may turn into something when he's older.  If nothing else, he's learning to sit still for 15 minutes a day. 

I love my piano.  It's old and not so fancy, but it's ours & it came to us in a unique way.  I love learning how to play it alongside Macy & the music that it makes.  Even if no one is up to great masterpieces yet, it's still music to my ears.  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

project 52:42 - snacks

Midnight snack...womb service...crazy it what you want, but this momma is needing her extra calories. Haven't sent the husband on TOO many runs to the store for ice cream at 11:00pm or something weird and random that we are out of (raw potatoes), but there is still time.  Haahaa!

We are half-way to baby day.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My wake-up call

I take the kids to school four out of five mornings a week. This is my reward.

Every day (until the time changes, darn it) we get to witness a beautiful reminder of God's majesty and without the responsibility of driving kids to school I would most definitely miss out on this "wow".

It helps get me out the door!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Catholic brother humor

First, a definition or the joke isn't anywhere near funny.  
Stigmata-bodily marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus, such as the hands and feet.  There are over 60 people the Catholic Church recognizes as having had the stigmata.

Now, some background...growing up Catholic, you just have more options for get to celebrate mass with your siblings, baptize dolls, put on detailed Good Friday plays...and then there's the saints.  A treasure trove of stories about people who had amazing things happen to them and who did amazing things all because of their faith in Christ.  Our kids love stories of the saints & tend to remember the more gory details over the mild ones. 
Moving on...the other night we were in the process of moving furniture and it involved a power drill.  The kids were buzzing about, interested in helping because it concerned their bedrooms.  Well, dad has to go out to the garage to get some screw or tool (aka kids lose interest & start roaming).  I was in the kitchen & I hear Jack pick up the power drill, revv it & yell at the girls "Who wants a stigmata????  Rar!!"  All girls proceed to run screaming & giggling.  Mission accomplished.   I have to commend the kid-I mean, that's pretty creative.  And hilarious in a sick kind of way.

This little boy turned 6 Tuesday.  
Birthdays always leave me feeling inadequate in the words do you sum up a special person on their special day?

Jack was the little toddler that held on to my leg when we were in a crowd, cautious to jump in until he was comfortable with the setting.  He was the baby that was continually spewing milk from one feeding to the next but was grinning through it all.  He was the preschooler that wore his clothes & shoes backwards, preferred pjs to clothes ALL the time, & tested us beyond our limits and really threw our parenting ideas out the he's six.  Still precious in his own quirky way, still sometimes a test to our limits, but cherished and loved and perfectly made.  He's one of the best swimmers in his class & his teacher swears he's a perfect angel during school.  He suffers through piano to play the Wii and loves to cuddle with his daddy at night.  He has this funny sense of humor and a tenderness to Ava that makes my heart smile.  He loves to build.  With wood.  And a hammer.  And though he might hesitate to admit it, his best friend is his big sister.  

I love you Jack.

Monday, October 17, 2011

project 52: 41 - updo's

Sunday mornings mean lots of hair to fix in a short amount of time.  With three girls, there's a lot of bows & pony tails & dog ears & braids to go around.  Macy is big enough to manage her hair most days but special requests do come along still.  Sometimes there are tears and no cooperation, the dog ears end up a little crooked, the pony tails not so smooth.  Most of the time it all gets done (before daddy is pulling out of the garage!) and we look great!