Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Family of Five

Today is our last day to be a family of five. We are all very excited to see our new and details and of course pictures will be posted sometime.

A Visitor

This silly bird came to see us today!

They look like they have fuzzy eyebrows!

Summer Fun

Playing in the backyard...

Playing in the Rain

To emphasize just how little rain we get around here, Jack is almost 4 & this is really the first time he's had the chance to play in the rain! He, who is SO neurotic & hates, hates, hates to be wet, loved it.

Sleepy Jack

Waiting for his breakfast on Saturday morning...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cowboy Jack

"Mommy, do you know how cowboys call their horses when they run away in the pasture? They have to 'swissle' for them!"

Jack is old enough to go to VBS this year and he really loves it. He comes home exhausted and hungry, for the first time ever he's eating more than Macy at lunch! They say he's well-behaved (thank goodness!) and he's learning the motions to the song they'll sing on Friday. His complaint-every day when he gets home, the first thing he wants to do is wash his hands because they are sticky (from the glue!).

I also have to share another blankie story...he is now convinced when we can't find blankie that blankie is playing hide and seek (something he came up with on his own). We have found that it is the only explanation that keeps him calm if it's bedtime & blankie is M.I.A.-the other day, we couldn't find it & Jack says "Mommy, blankie is getting good at this game!"

Jack, July 2007

Monday, June 8, 2009


After almost an entire year, we finally got to see my brother and his family. It was so much fun to get to spend the day with them, although I wish it could have been longer! They have a new baby that we had never met-he's the same age as Lily was the last time they saw her. We cannot let this much time go by again!

I always think it's funny to see the progression of a picture when you are taking a shot of a lot of kids. Here we have the two oldest, sitting on the couch being sweet.

Then you throw in a baby...all is well so far.

Now we decide we "need a picture of all the kids"...toddlers are not totally happy with this mom decision but go along because they have to. Babies are still happy, big kids are still happy...

Then things start falling apart...Lily looks to be saying "What's my motivation??", Caden has worn a smile for about 5 minutes now & it's starting to freeze, moms are bribing both toddlers to no avail.

Uh, oh, here comes the tongue-Jack will be losing it soon.

Finally, mom thinks of something VERY good to bribe Jack with, so he's all smiles! However, Macy now has a crazy face, pretty sure she's saying "Get on with it people!" Lily has become very slippery, baby Landon is crying.

A last ditch effort...but Lily is outta here!

Then it was the grown-ups turn, photo courtesy of Macy.

Trying to Understand It All

Grandma had some reconstructive knee surgery this past week & after a setback at the hospital, we are so happy to say she is on the road to recovery & doing well! She has quite a bit of rehab ahead of her but is in good spirits & willing to tackle it so that she can walk better.

While she was in the hospital, we took the kids up for a BRIEF visit. They had made her pictures and wanted to check on her themselves. Knowing their attention-span, the Mr. and I took seperate vehicles so that I could cut and run when Jack started hanging from the IV pole or some other very possible scenario and he could stay & visit a little longer. As the kids & I were leaving, I thought it would be a good time to give them a little tour of the OB wing so they'd know where I was in a couple of weeks. We went around, me saying "Here's the room where they'll take me to get the baby, here's a room like what I'll be in," etc., winding around to the nursery.

Finally, we are at the nursery looking at all the little babies. I hold Macy up for a peek, then Jack. He didn't say much, just looked and looked. Finally, he says to me in a dramatic whisper "Momma, which one is our Ava?" Man, I wish it was so easy-just go pick her out at the nursery!!! I love his innocence, trying to figure out how things happen.

Two weeks from this Thursday & we'll get to go "pick her up"!