Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jack's 3rd Birthday

I can't believe my little boy is 3...
We celebrated Jack's 3rd birthday at a restaurant with his friends.

It was a Cars themed birthday...he still loves that movie!

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A (Borrowed) GREAT Idea!

Saw this idea on someone's blog...it is a fantastic way to gain space in your pantry. I put all the kids' meds in the upper pockets, the lower ones have all their snacks in snack baggies so they can grab one & go!
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It was an Aunt Kathy Moment

The first time we went to visit the Nephs at their house, we pulled up to see Aunt Kathy with the majority of the 6 boys lined up on the driveway, waiting their turn for a buzz cut. When the last one was finished, one of the older ones took the leaf blower & cleaned the place up, including I'm sure, some of the smaller boys. It was just funny to see-efficiency at it's best, I guess, as a lot of her ideas have to be.
Now, my mom has always cut my kids' hair but recently we haven't seen her as often as Jack needs a hair cut, so I decided to try clippers on him myself...and remembering Aunt Kathy's wise ways, we did it out on the driveway. No leafblower was involved, however, just the reliable West Texas wind...Jack thought it was great, stood still for me & I think I did a pretty good job!
He's got a mouth full of peanut M&Ms, hence the goofy grin.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Come on, be honest!

OK, how many of you have ever cleaned your oven???? I, in all my 32 years, have never attempted this amazing feat mostly because we have never lived in a house long enough (nor do I use the thing often enough) to really justify all the mystifying & complicated-ness that comes along with accomplishing this task. However, I felt that I was due the experience & hubby was tired of groping through the fog (of old pizza) when I do turn it on! So, if you are inexperienced in this highly technical procedure, I shall enlighten you:

Step 1: Call your mom for moral support-she'll be so proud of you for attempting this, or call me-I'll definitely be proud of you!
Step 2: Take the vacuum & suck up all the big chunks (or use a rag, it's probably safer though your toddler won't be as impressed).
Step 3: Push the "self-clean" button and...and...you mean that's it??? WHY have you never done this before???
3 (or so) hours later you have a super clean oven-take a damp rag & wipe out the (small amount of) powder & voila! I was amazed that it doesn't fill your house with smoke, but there's a slight burnt smell & it heats the place up, but that's it! I never knew it was so easy...

So, Mom, this one is for you...I'm so proud of myself!!!

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