Monday, July 30, 2012

Finding motivation

Sticker charts. They work awesome-like for Lily, mediocre for Jack & Ava. Hoping this will get us through the rest of summer, earning a sticker when they do something asked of them without throwing a fit.

Lily already knows she wants to shop at "probley wobbly" (hobby lobby) for her treat. ::smooch:: I wish she could talk this way forever but I'm sure it's not as cute at 16.

Friday, July 27, 2012


The plans one brother has for the other...there are so many.  It is one of the most precious things I've ever witnessed.

PJs-then and now

When Jack was younger, he wore pjs all.  the.  time.  So much that a lot of times it wasn't worth the fight to make him change to go out in public.  We were those people in Walmart, but I didn't care.  Bigger fish to fry kind of thing.  The funny thing was that he would wear them all day and then when it was time for bed, he would "change" into different pjs.  I was scared for Kindergarten, because that meant uniforms & I envisioned battles.  Lots of them.  But it didn't happen, thankfully-he was really happy with the polos & never complained.
So we come to this summer.  The other night I tell him to go get his pjs on & he tells me "already did mom", looking similar to this, minus the shoes.  "Jack", I tell him, "this is what you were wearing today."  "No it isn't mom, I changed!"  So now he changes from one pair of plaid shorts & random shirt into another for bed because "that way I'm ready to go in the morning!"  

I'm still trying to figure out if that's truly his motivation or if it's the fact that I make him fold his clothes now & this makes less laundry.  It seems very uncomfortable.  

He is so unpredictable.  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sorting through them all

Finally, I am starting to find the time to sort through all the pictures I've taken since March.  There are a lot.  I wanted to go in order, because that's how my brain works, but randomly found these of Henry.  I don't even know how old he is in them, I think right around a month...

Every time you have a baby, there's some adjusting to do-for the mother and for the family.  I know for me it's been overwhelming each time until we get into our groove.  We start out good, with all the help, but then comes the transition time when I'm all on my own & the kids are still out of whack and I feel like I need to get the laundry done or supper ready or any number of domestic responsibilities but really all I get done is break up disputes & sit on the couch nursing.  I have to remember (a lot of times with the help of hubby) that the new chaos won't last (it'll be replaced-ha!) and that in 4 short months we'll be in a better groove.

We are there.  Four months have past and I'm finding my groove as a mom of 5 and the kids are adjusting to their new family.  We still have our days of non-productivity in the domestic arena but that's just life and each and every one of us loves our new family, wouldn't trade this for the world!

(Henry is healthy, praise God.  He's made it through a couple of colds, but on the whole has stayed well & happy!  At his 4 month check-up this week, he was 17lbs 6oz & 26 in long.  He's fitting in 9 month & 12 month clothes, which means I've had to buy new ones for him several times over this summer!)

Missing Shoes

A common occurrence in our house is missing shoes. It's almost always one, which is even more frustrating. Ava has left the house multiple times in mismatched shoes, Jack has worn Macy's shoes, Lily has worn dress shoes to the pool. I have tried everything but nothing seems to fix the problem.

So, this morning before church we are looking for Ava's shoes. She can't find them & comes asking me (seriously) if she can wear these.

I was tempted.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

In a flash

Totally random order, but that's okay.

Ava may be three, but she still needs her mama's shoulder every now and then.  As I was rocking her tonight, I was struck by how little she still is & how much I expect out of her since we have a baby.  Gotta hold tight while I let her grow...

Henry came home from the Melsey Vacay sick.  Poor little guy, he was such a trooper.  We were blessed with a good traveller with this one! (He's feeling much better now!)

Sometime since I posted, he found his hands.  Really found them and loves to suck on them & chew on them all the time.  It's precious.  I keep wondering if he's going to make the switch to thumb from pappi but still he prefers the pappi.  I think if he could consistently get that thumb in his mouth when he wanted it, he would be sold!

This is an odd picture, so let me explain.  It's Macy, sleeping on the floor beside my bed on a little self-contained bedroll I made awhile back.  It was the greatest thing I have ever sewn & by that I'm not talking about my skills, just that it's used almost every night by at least one kid.  It's a pillow, cushion, & blanket all sewn together that fits under my bed so that when one of them comes in from bad dreams or a potty accident or can't go back to sleep, I don't have to get up!  They love it, I REALLY LOVE it & I'm getting a few more minutes sleep.  It's been a really good compromise between calming fears but still not having to share our bed.  Although that happens too...the other morning I woke up to Henry snuggled to me on one side, Ava in the hubby's spot, Macy here on the floor (with Brooke laying at her feet) & Jack laying across my legs.  *Tad bit crowded*  Haahaa!

So...we washed the car on a Saturday afternoon and the rain drops started as we were finishing the drying.  Such an irony.

He's also found his little piggies.  

Tea party.  Those girls can put away the Chai tea, I'm telling you!

Macy turned 10 yesterday.  That means I've been a mom for a mere decade.  Funny, I can't remember anything before that.

Per her request, we made a cookie pizza...and topped it with fruit because the girl isn't too fond of frosting.  I took her, her bestie Gracelyn, and another friend to the movie and she got a new bike.

After bath snuggles.
This was the start of the Melsey Vacay 2012.  Last year & this year, we decided to design shirts & order them.  I love this year's!!!  Mine says My Kids Rock, but we all knew that, right?  Heehee!  This trip is fun if for no other reason (but there's lots) than to stop along the way & get all the stares & comments that come with being the only 2 adults supervising 9 children 9 & under.  It's a hoot, we blow people's minds!  No children were lost, no bears were sighted, & no snack was pre-packaged this time around.  We are getting that good at these trips.  

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Last night, for the first time in a week, our family was all back together again under one roof and it felt good.  We missed our big kids, and, well...they had fun.  Haahaa!  Even though they didn't miss us, they were glad to be home as well & it was so sweet to see the four kids hugging & happy.  

Macy went to camp.  Jack went to be spoiled spend time with all the grandparents.  The 3 littles and I went to spend time with friends in Ft. Worth.  Then I brought Macy & some friends back was an epic journey but the kids did amazingly well.  I loved talking with my co-pilot (she was an older sister to one of the boys I brought back) and the 3 friends talked & laughed & shared stories the whole way home.

When we pulled up in front of the house, and everyone was hugging, I saw Jack running towards me with a huge smile on his face.  I thought to myself "awww, my BOY is happy to see his mamma!".  He  totally side-swiped my hug & went for Henry, whom I was holding.  Turns out he was just excited to see his little brother.  ::sad face for mamma::  He didn't even pretend to be excited to see ME.  Durn it.

This was the little girls before we left-they had their purses and were ready!

Claire was fascinated with "the baby", wanting to hold him a lot & asking questions.  She's going to be a great big sister in a couple of months!
(even though he looks a tad worried (haha!), he was happy to be held!)

One of the days we went to a children's museum, favorites were a giant light bright, glowing Lego like things, and the grocery store.  We also rode a train, which I think was the girls' favorite!

On the drive up there I was so excited, just couldn't wait to get my arms around my girl!  I told the hubby when I saw the sign that my heart was doing the Lily Happy Dance.  I wanted to jiggle & giggle & turn around circles!  Haahaa!

Camp was outstanding.  I don't know how they do it, but that crew made a week that these kids will never forget.  They jumped in the car & all started talking at once, telling story after story.  New friends were made, new games were taught, and best of all, they grew in their love of the Lord.

Jack came home with as many stories as Macy...he truly had a blast being the only grandkid.  He caught critters, played with cousins, checked on the cows, watched his pet tadpoles literally turn to frogs before his eyes, found arrowheads & other Indian artifacts, and visited the museum, along with other things big and small.

Summer is passing fast, but we still have lots of plans for fun things to do!  

In a flash

My non-trip related pictures from this past week, via iPhone & Instagram...

Ava had a birthday last Monday...she's officially three now, but has acted the part for a good couple of weeks.  This was her first thing on that morning, she had crawled in bed with me & how could I resist?

Jack's new thing is that he wants to have his arm out the car window.  All the time.  It's a man & beast thing, because they are the only 2 species that get it or even want to.  We girls know the only thing an open car window is good for is ratty hair.