Monday, November 17, 2008


All-righty girls, Keri and Kassie have tagged me. Keri is one of my very oldest friends-we got to know each other early in college & became even closer when we found out our hubbies liked to spend time together too. We had classes together, did our student teaching together, tend to have our babies together (probably my favorite part!) & have shared our close & extended families with each other through the years. Which is how I know Kassie! Kassie is Keri's sister-in-law & though I don't get to see her much, I have enjoyed getting to know her over the years, keeping up with her through Keri (& her blog!). I admire Kassie because her husband is serving our country & has been to Iraq A LOT. The picture on her blog brings tears to my eyes of her husband seeing their baby in the airport-nothing gets me teary faster than military daddies with their babies...

Here's the rules:
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1. I hate Mondays-because my family disperses for the week & I love for us to all be home together. I miss Macy when she's at school & I really miss hubby when he's at work. My love language is definitely quality time-I don't care what we're doing, as long as I have someone to do it with, it's all better!

2. My favorite season is Autumn because I really think God shows off for us during this season. How could you ever doubt that there is a marvelous creator that LOVES us dearly when you see the transformation of the trees to such beautiful colors? Or a big, beautiful harvest moon?

3. I still miss my pooch...there's nothing like a dog's unconditional love & even though I have absolutely no idea where he would fit into our lives right now or how I could take care of him, I still miss that smelly old beast!

4. I am afraid of really high heights, snakes, & massive quantities of anything that moves-swarms of birds, bees, ants, fish-even people can freak me out. Not because I'm afraid of what might happen to me, I think it's just the movement of so many things that bothers me...I also have claustrophobia, so maybe that plays into it. We went snorkling in Mexico one time & I was fine to see one fish at a time, but when we swam into a school of fish, I didn't know I could swim so fast!!!! I decided to take my chances with a baracuda than to stay in that mess of fish!

5. My most favorite place to be growing up was with my grandma. She was the funnest grandma you could ever imagine, not because she would bake cookies (although she was a great cook) but because she was constantly doing something fun. She built us a treehouse, let us drive the pick-up, had a stock tank in the driveway to swim in, always had some animal to take care of (I can remember more than once a baby calf living on the back porch in the winter! Can you imagine?). I remember driving the grain truck with her, sometimes riding in the back & eating wheat on the way to the elevator & one night she drug a mattress out in the front yard for us to sleep on to look at the stars. I'm sure our adventures stopped my mom's heart more than once, but as kids, we had fun! This is also a woman whom I've never heard say a bad word about another person, never gossip & always willing to do the dirty work.

6. I want someone to nominate me for What Not to Wear-seriously! Except, they would have to change the name of the show to What Does this Woman Wear? I have no winter wardrobe & no idea of what to buy to fix this problem...I think it would be awesome to go to NYC & spend $5000 with 2 personal shoppers, then have your hair & make-up professional done for you!

7. Someday, I want to spend a month (or longer) in Italy. Sigh...

OK, that was tough! I tag Cara, Tracy, & Tera...I'm breaking the rules by not listing 7, but that's about the only ones I know! Good luck ladies!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Video This Time

I haven't made one of these in a long time! I had too many pictures to upload, so I thought this would be easier...

Friday, November 7, 2008


We recycled this year for Halloween, even though Jack wanted to be a shark.

Lily was a flower (how appropriate)

I just love this silly little boy!

Nicole & George were stand-in parents for us, we were out of town...the ghost is not their kid, we don't know who he belongs too. Just kidding, it's a decoration.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now I know!

The other day, Macy came home from school & wanted to play beauty school. Well, her brother wasn't cooperating, so I volunteered to have her style my hair. While she was working on me, she said very excitedly "MOM! I know what God wants me to be! He doesn't want me to be a saint, he wants me to be a beauty shop girl!" After a chuckle, I explained to her that she can be anything she wants to be but that God does want her to strive to be saintly also.

I love that Macy has the opportunity to go to a school where she can talk about God all day long & pray with her teacher & friends & to learn more about her faith. It's times like these, when she brings up something that they've talked about in school, that I'm reminded again of what a blessing her education is!

Family Weekend

All of our family came down for the weekend for our annual family photo shoot. We all had a fun time, especially the kids!! They always have a great time playing. The adults watched some football (our favorite family past time!) & enjoyed spending time together. And, the best part-our photos turned out GREAT!!!

Grandma made a birthday cake for Jack, which he LOVED! Thanks Grandma-it was yummy!

I love that I caught him mid-blow with his cheeks puffed out.

One of his presents was a set of 6 shooters & a holster-every boy needs to be a cowboy!

That evening, the kids put on a performance for the grown-ups & it was quite a show. Everyone had a part & from what I hear (I was out shopping), it had a plot & was hilarious.

Sleepover & a movie to end the night. Jack was NOT big enough for this, despite what I thought, but we adjusted.

Grandpa treated us all to a pancake breakfast that filled our tummies-I was grateful that he offered to cook!
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Lily's 1st Haircut

Before Lily was 6 months old, the girl already needed a hair cut! She sat for it without much fuss & looks so much better! Thanks Nana!

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