Friday, October 30, 2009

Ava & Mommy

Ava Patrice in October

Ava is working on rolling over, she can from tummy to back & can wiggle around on her back. IF I ever put her on her tummy for tummy time, she'd probably be better at something but keeping in mind that when I do put her on the floor she's fair game, I figure her safety is more important! Just today, I put her on the floor & Lily came right over & sat on her-I think she wanted a horsey ride. She is a very happy, easy going baby & laughs a lot. She's such a blessing!

Swing Shots

Sometimes you get a great shot-one that captures the pure joy of swinging!

Nana & Bop with the kids

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Lily, in very dramatic form, puts her chubby little finger to her mouth & says "shhhh!" when she knows Ava is asleep. The sound is usually loud enough to get the poor girl to stir, but at least she means well. Lily has become quite the little momma lately & it has been adorable-she loves to carry her baby around, or put it in the carrier & hook it on her arm (like momma does). While I was on the couch feeding Ava, she climbed up beside me & put her baby on one shoulder & hooked the phone on the other & talked to Nana.

A lot of times Lily reminds me of an Australian Shepherd & not JUST because she has cute little dog ears most days...she's just so busy, always has a job, always moving something from one place to another.

Here she's waiting for her big sister to get home from school.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Back when they loved each other...

These pictures are from Jack's first Labor Day trip to the mountains-he was 11 months old. We camped this time, in a trailer. This is the famed "Daddy, there's a bear behind you!" trip (there really was-it was about 30 feet away from the campfire & scared everyone. Macy thought it was a hilarious joke)

"Amy! Don't do it!" Hubby & I hiked to the tree line of West Spanish Peak. There's something about being above the clouds...

The wildflowers have never been as beautiful & plentiful since this year...