Monday, April 16, 2012

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Ah, Mr. Rodgers. I miss him. He was a major part of my TV life growing up...partly because the only channel our great-aunt/after school sitter got was PBS. Ha! Fond memories...

The relevance-I got to keep the Melban crew over Easter break to help out their momma (but to secretly help me by entertaining MY crew! Crafty, aren't I?) The afternoon was really nice & I was itching for some sunshine so we headed out for a walk in our neighborhood. It was a riot. Loved the conversations, the races, the discoveries along the way...& of course the special flowers (aka dandelions) picked just for me by the sweet boys.

Celebrating Lily

Lily's birthday was this past week & to celebrate I took her to the ballet to see Sleeping Beauty. She was so excited she couldn't quit jumping up & down & grinning. Her favorite part was when the "boy ballerinas", whom she really questioned their validity, carried Sleeping Beauty over their heads to her bed. I loved having her to myself for the evening & getting to talk to her, it was precious. She also got her ears pierced & at the time thought it wasn't such a great present. Now she loves them!

(I have no control over the order of pics when posting from my phone-so they are random!)

Another visit from the tooth fairy

Jack lost another tooth this week-thankfully at the hands of his dad instead of our helpful dentist. Sadly the tooth fairy was back to her forgetful self & forgot to come. She swung by the next night though. Jack is undoubtedly on to us (he even said he thinks it's us) but plays along just in case. I think he knows a good thing when he sees it!

Quick Pics

Just some new pictures...I'm still here, swimming in the deep end. Right now Henry has me on a pretty short leash, so I'm stuck doing the essential keep-the-house-afloat chores instead of the fun things. It's just a season though & I'm trying to soak up every minute of this little boy!