Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A First but a Last

I have found in life that lasts are most of the time harder for me than firsts. For example, when Macy started Kindergarten, I thought I would cry & carry on-don't get me wrong, I did shed a few tears that day, but her last day of Kindergarten was a lot more emotional for me, realizing that the little kid, fantasy, playing at the home center & taking rests in the afternoon part of her life was over. Sometimes, some of what makes a "last" hard is when it passes without you knowing it-every so often, I look back & realize I haven't heard that precious, mispronounced word lately or wonder things like when was the last time Jack squeezed my finger instead of holding my hand. Lasts bring me to the reality that the kids are growing up & I just want to keep them little & innocent & safe!
Last night was a big night for Jack...he finally got his big boy bed (I know, I know, it's about time! See previous comment about wanting them to stay little) & he was so excited. All afternoon he asked when he could go to sleep & if he was going to get to sleep in his big bed forever. He did great of course-he's been ready for this for at least 6 months, but I am the one that had sappy trouble. As we were deconstructing his crib, I was taken back to my memories of us putting that crib together, being pregnant & wondering what this little boy was going to be like-it seems like it was yesterday!
He didn't want us to take out his rocker-he loves to be rocked, & again, who can resist a cuddly little boy that asks "Can jue wock me just a widdle bit?" And, I didn't either because the night before when I was putting him to bed, I didn't know it would be the last time we would have that familiar bedtime routine-I didn't know to savor the cuddles & rocks.
Ah, life comes at you fast...

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Well, to start off, I'm calling this a super-catch-up post. I have wanted to post for about 2 weeks now & have not had the time, so I hope you enjoy ALL the pictures!!

As has become our tradition, we spent Labor Day weekend in the mountains with my parents. In the past we've always camped but decided this year to rent a cabin in Cuchara. It was wonderful & a much needed break from the Texas heat. The guys & kids went fishing-Macy caught the most fish (which we ate for supper, thank you Macy) & Jack caught his very 1st fish. Both kids were pros at reeling them in...I think their daddy has some fishing buddies in the years to come. My mom, Lily, & I mostly stayed around the cabin & read & relaxed.

The pictures are in a totally random order, but, ah, well!

Check out the face on this guy (Jack, not the fish)...

Macy with her fish...both kids had great fun playing with them while we loaded, Jack especially loved to poke their eyes (don't ask me-he's been facinated with eyes lately! In fact, you don't want to fall asleep with him around or he'll wake you by poking your eyes!). In years past, Macy has been very facinated with cleaning the fish, this year she thought it was a little bit gross but still watched. Jack ran in circles around the fish cleaning station, poking the other fisherman's catch.

This is good mommy evidence-proof that at some point on the trip someone did brush their teeth & take a bath!

Since we didn't have a campfire, we popped popcorn & roasted marshmellows in the fireplace. We did still smell like smoke the next day, thank goodness! HA!

Ahhh, they are so sweet when they are asleep!!

This was the view from our wrap-around deck-so beautiful & peaceful!

We also had a picnic one afternoon at Monument under the big trees. On a side note, Macy is ONLY drinking from the straw cup!!!

To give the kids something to do one afternoon, we had them dig for fishin' worms...they actually found some!

This is North Lake, the start of the fishing trip.

The guys starting out-I have to tell that right before they pushed off, Jack thought he was being left behind & decided to wade out to the boat-he made it almost up to his little knees before I got to him!

We all rode in the Suburban, so it was a little cramped-Macy had the smallest space but she did great. The funniest thing was on our way up there, in her sleep she kept throwing her right leg up over Lily's carseat & into Lily's lap-think about that one for a minute...it was a hoot & we were amazed that she could do it, in her sleep no less!

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Which is Which??

Maybe it's easy to tell, but they sure do look alike to me!!

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A Get-Away

One of the last weekends in August, hubby decided a get-away for us would be nice, so he took me to OKC for the weekend. Funny thing when you have 3 kids-you think that just having 1 is a get-away! Yes, little bit went with us & we had so much fun...we stayed in the historic Skirvin hotel-it was AWESOME! So fancy & old! We spent time in Bricktown, ate at The Melting Pot (YUM-O!), went to the memorial & ended up seeing both of our siblings, one set by chance! We always say you should always be doing what you're supposed to be doing because you never know who you are going to run into while you're waiting for your dinner reservations!! Lily did great-she's a great traveller & just goes with the flow. Well...I'll take that back-she wasn't too fond of Toby Keith's restaurant, it was WAY too loud for her!!

I sometimes get bored in the car & start messing with the camera. The new point & shoot that I bought acted all fancy with a "self-portrait" option-really, can't tell that it did anything special.

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New Pictures

Just some pictures of the kids from this summer...

Macy's 1st day of 1st grade

Don't let the smile fool you, she hates tummy time!

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