Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lily Pie turns One

Where has the year gone? I was telling my neighbor that I think part of the reason why it's so hard to believe she's already one is because she's been such a good baby...it's really flown by.

Poor thing had to celebrate by going to the doctor and getting BIG shots...but she was a trooper.

Easter...a party and more!

This Easter was my first occasion to have all the family here instead of us going somewhere & it was so much fun! We combined our Easter dinner with Lily's birthday party...

But first, we had to decorate Easter eggs! Now, this did happen after the hunt, but what's Easter without dying eggs? They were more for decoration!

Lily was the perfect little birthday princess-she was so happy to have everyone there and was in such a good mood, despite missing her afternoon nap by 3 hours!

We had cake and cookies to celebrate with. I made the cake ALL BY MYSELF-I've never done this before. My mom has made almost all of my kids' cakes, but this time I tried it. Now, when I was putting the millions of icing star-tips on this cake, I had one of those moments...you know the ones where you are suddenly struck by how much your own mom had to love you and you never realized it. My mom made me a cake every year for my birthday-specifically Holly Hobby cakes with these same star-tips on them several years in a row, and I just never realized how hard it was or that you felt like an 80-year-old arthritic by the time you were done! Not to mention needing an insulin shot from eating all the icing! Ha! The kids helped with the cookies...

On to presents and then actually digging in to the cake...

Taking the stroller for a spin!

The Hunt & Rescue

I'm not sure which was more fun for the kids on Easter morning...hunting Easter eggs or saving poor, drowning worms from our gutter! It rained all day on Saturday (not cats & dogs but worms) and on Sunday morning we had so many squirmy worms in the gutter! They were lots of fun to play with and entertained the kids for a very long time. At one point, Macy had enough in her hand to fall into the "really creeping mom out" category!!!

Hunting eggs was pretty funny...I put some that were easy to find down for Jack and explained to Macy that he needed a little bit of a head start and for her to maybe leave the easy ones for him. I no more than finished saying that and turned around & Jack already had a basket-full, finding ones I thought I'd hid pretty well! So, what do you do but say "Game ON!" to Macy & turn her loose! She still doesn't have that killer instinct, and moseyed along, some of the time giving the eggs she found to her brother.

In the end, it all works out...yum!

Lily slept through her first Easter egg hunt, but really loved her bunnies that were waiting for her!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Countdown Begins

I went to the doctor today and will now start going more & more frequently, which means the countdown has begun. I'm 27 weeks pregnant, and knowing that I will have a scheduled c-section, I know that I have no more than 12 weeks to go. Just a side note, can you believe that in 12 weeks, summer will be 1/3 of the way gone? Sigh...I'm ready for winter to scoot on outta here, it made a pathetic attempt this year and I would just rather summer come along so I can start complaining that I'm hot and miserable! Hehehe! Back to my appointment...I go back in 3 weeks for a final sonogram, the FUN one! This is the sonogram where you can see chubby cheeks and maybe hair and estimate how big the baby is-I can't wait.

We did have a blizzard a couple of weeks ago, this following weeks of 70 to 80 degree weather. Texas weather is impossible. This blizzard was a REAL one-visibility was down to almost nothing & it snowed and the wind blew all day. The next day, the calm returned and we went out and played in the drifts!

Jack's favorite cereal is Raisin "Graham"-he's always loved it but just recently started to actually eat the cereal & not just the raisins out of it. And, his beloved blankie is really tattered. He tells me all the time how much he loves it, but it's getting to the "strings and holes" stage...

I knew this day was coming-it's had several surgeries and just keeps going, but the actual material is getting so thin, I'm not sure he'll make it through another one! I'm not sure what to do-he's not ready to get rid of it that's for sure!

Here's blankie in his prime:

Lily fell the other day into the coffee table (OUCH) & busted open both the inside and the outside of her bottom lip. It was hard to get it to quit bleeding-every time she opened her mouth, it would start up again! It finally did & everything was all better...she still has a little bit of a fat lip from it today but it doesn't seem to bother her.

I have been very fortunate thus far into mommy-hood in that my kids don't get bad bumps and bruises very often. I'm so glad because it hurts my heart when they get hurt!

This is Macy & Jack's attempt to pull off Daddy's trick of blowing his hat off his head...they caught on pretty quick! Notice Jack doesn't have his nose plugged...maybe that would have helped?