Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trip to Boston

I consider myself very blessed that my husband doesn't travel very often, only going to conferences here and there(sometimes I even get to go with him, which is really fun!) but usually home every evening with us. I am not a wife that could (happily) have him gone all the time! In October, he had an opportunity to travel to Boston for a really good conference...I'm pretty much a homebody right now with such a little one so I wasn't able to go.

He had a little bit of time for some sight-seeing...walking around town.

Here are some row houses. I'm reminded of The Cosby Show...I loved that show! And, I remember thinking it was crazy impossible for people's houses to be touching.

Here's Fenway Park, Home of the Boston Red Sox.
And, my favorite picture. The building is a fire station, but SO unlike ours. It's such an old building, with so much character but yet it's functional.

Ava's Baptism

What a glorious day to have the newest member of our family welcomed into God's family! Ava Patrice was baptized on October 18th at our parish with Msgr. Waldo presiding. We were so excited to have her baptized in our new church with the new, beautiful baptismal font, created with the Samaritan Woman's vessel in mind.

It is a blessing to our family and especially for Ava to have Kim & Tim Hoelscher as her Godparents. They are a beautiful, dedicated, God-fearing couple that have been a source of inspiration for us. They have helped us in our faith journey & we look forward to our years of friendship with them and their family.

Nana made a very pretty, very special cake for the occasion!