Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Frog Saga

Frogs have been a big part of our summer this year, more than most. Definitely have made for entertainment!

Last night, we spent the evening with our friends out at her parent's house in the country. We had a blast...and the kids loved running free. Before long, the frogs came out & my kids, deprived as they are for a pet, latched on to them...Jack especially loved this baby frog (poor thing) & carried it around the rest of the evening. Fast forward to time to go...& we are faced with the decision of what to do with Jack's new buddy. Seeing no harm in this & thinking that the frog was ummm, how shall I put this...really TIRED, we tell Jack he could take him home with us (he had a box WITH a lid for it) but would have to let his buddy free in our yard when we got there. He was overjoyed with this compromise-I think in his mind he thought the frog would hop around our yard & wait on him to come play with him. was late when we left, like really late for my kids. So, they pile in & Macy asks to see the frog one last time, Jack obliges...then, as he tells the story the next morning he "got the frog back from Macy & was holding it really tight...and then fell asleep." Do you see where this is going?? The best we can tell, little buddy saw his one chance at freedom and bailed. We get home, Jack wakes up & can't find his frog. No problem we think-just look around on the floor, it has to be here somewhere. No luck. We send Jack to bed (in tears) & start seriously looking & end up taking out everything that can be taken out of the Suburban-seats, flooring we didn't know would come out, mats, trash...& still no frog. Now, it's almost 1:00am and we give up, thinking we'll have to try tomorrow. And, we have a debate on whether this is a matter to take up with St. Francis or St. Anthony...

So, this afternoon the hubs goes on a recon mission, and by this time can use his sense of SMELL to aid in the process. Yeah...he found it...poor thing had made it somehow to the door but burrowed into the flooring & gave up the fight. Yuck. I can't tell you how relieved I am that he found it!!! I leave tomorrow with the kids for a 4 day vacation with the Melbans-would NOT be fun to smell that the whole time!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To Ponder

These are things I've been thinking about:

Is it a sign my kids desperately need a pet or a sign that I need a fly swatter when 3 of them chase the flies around my house, naming them & wanting to play with them?

Will Lily be scarred or have a weird palate when she grows up because the big kids always, ALWAYS give her the yucky yellow flavored treats (that they don't want!)? Yellow suckers, yellow Popsicles, yellow Skittles, etc.

Is it normal for a little boy to try & eat a night-light light bulb? Is there a 12-step process to cure an addiction to sticking things in your mouth?

Should I quit complaining that I'm gaining weight (even though I'm working out) when I am eating Chick-fil-A brownies like they are going out of style?

Will my son ever get over not wanting to be alone or will he want me to move to college with him because he can't be in his bedroom with the door closed? (wait-maybe that's a good thing) Or, will he marry someone his senior year of high school because the impending move will propel him?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ava's Birthday Bash

What a glorious mess!

Hangin' with her peeps

Ava's best buddy (when she's not poking him in the eye)-Reece. Aren't those the most beautiful baby blues?