Wednesday, July 20, 2011

project 52:27 - stolen moments

Finding one-on-one moments...sometimes tricky, but so cherished.  This was taken on Macy's birthday...we found ourselves alone at the church on a beautiful evening and we sat under a tree & had a good talk.  It was truly a stolen moment-no one knew where we were but no one was worried about us or expected us home anytime soon.  Individual time with each kid makes them feel so special & it gives me time to really listen.  And, while I did take a few pictures with my iPhone, I try to ignore it when I'm out with a kid by themselves-they deserve ALL of me for that short time & the kids know whether you are paying attention or not.  No multi-tasking allowed!

9 years ago I became a mother for the first  We had a picture just like this one made-her tiny feet just barely more than the length of my big toe and now she's getting ever closer to catching up to me.  But the memories along the way are a well-worn quilt, some so familiar & special, some repeated in the other kids, some with "holes" in them because we've forgotten the little details...all of them keep my heart warm & cozy.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Horsemanship Camp

Macy spent last week at Horsemanship Camp.  There are no words to describe her joy, the fun that she had, and her blissful exhaustion at the end of each day.  It was a well-done camp where they spent a full day learning all about horses, how to take care of & saddle them, & how to ride them.  

Her horse was named Smokey and it was love at first sight.  She still loved Smokey, even after the horse bucked her off on the first day & tried to kick her.  I always knew the true test of Macy's horse affection would come the day she was bucked off.  It's inevitable for it to happen...but as the saying goes, you have to get right back on and that's what Macy did.  Always before in life, if something hurts her, she abandons in point-riding a bike.  It took her a while to learn to ride because she fell...and it hurt...and she was ready to quit.  But, horses are in her blood & have withstood the test.

On the last day, the riders put on a little program to show off all that they had learned.  Macy grinned from ear to ear.  She can't wait to go back next year!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

project 52:26 - favorites

I'm not talking about picking a favorite kid...I'm talking about knowing each kid's favorites-their favorite drink, toy, shirt (this one is Macy's), color, animal, soothy, cartoon...the list goes on and on.  

Favorites are where our kids show their differences & similarities.  Two of mine LOVE animals, 2 of them really don't.  A different set of twos drink milk like water in the desert, one can't stand it, one drinks it 50/50.  One likes green beans, one likes only raw veggies, one will eat any of them, the other's favorite is tomatoes.  Their favorite meal is ham & swiss stromboli across the board.  Macy's favorite color is lime green (different from last year when it was light blue), Jack's is red, Lily's is-guess-is pink, and Ava hasn't decided yet.  Some favorites are a part of their tapestry & will never change...some change frequently.  Some I have influence over, others appear without my knowing.

Maybe it's second nature, maybe it's just that we live with them 24/7, but mommas know this information like a CEO knows a balance sheet or bottom line.  It's our job, after all!

Ava at 2 baby girl...turned two last Saturday.
I still haven't recovered.  She let it sneak up on me...this little one who still wants to rock & snuggle, still needs her pappi to sleep, still takes 3 hour naps, & up to this point said very few words, all of which were classic "baby talk".

Then, she woke up two & seems determined to prove it to me...
I should have seen it coming.  She transitioned out of sippy cups with Lily and she actually plays with her siblings & her toys.  She has gradually developed an opinion about, well, most everything and has shown a sense of humor.  The most abrupt change was that like a light switch, the day she woke up two, she decided she had something to say-a lot in fact.  She now strings 3, 4, even 5 words together, not that you can understand all of it, but you can tell she is trying to get her point across!

One of the most precious traits of Ava is how appreciative she is...this sweet little girl tells me "Tank you momma" all the time.  For everything.  She remembers when all the others forget.  Thank you for buying her a treat, for getting her a cup of milk, even for changing her diaper in the middle of the night...ohhh, melt my heart, you adorable little monkey!
So, I'm going back to burying my head in the sand, pretending that she's still a baby...and I'm okay with the fact that she's still a little more clingy-my velcro baby-wanting to stay close to MY side & cherishing every single nap time that she lets me snuggle her & "wock me baby" (rock me like a baby), holding on to that fleeting time because I know it won't last much longer.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Play Ball!

Baseball in the back's a favorite past time around here.
 Look at Ava's fingers in this picture-she's started crossing them.  I think it's so funny when little ones figure out they can do it, you find them practicing all the time!

 Lily's first time up to bat...& she hit one over the fence.  Turns out it was beginner's luck.

 This is a pouty face.  Ava was not happy she didn't get a turn...I love how she sticks out her bottom lip!

The next picture was taken by Macy-she takes some good ones!  Especially since she has no idea how to adjust settings on the camera.  This is me helping Ava run to base as Dad tags us out & Lily wants in on the action.

Another by Macy...

This one is too...Ava decided she was more of a spectator than player so she joined the bleachers swings.

Annnnd....this one is by Jack.