Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

50 in 52: week 7

Frost in February.  So intricate.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sound bites

Remembering those little things that the kids say that are so funny to us parents but not necessarily to the general population, I have to record a few sound bites from the past week.

For the record, this week marked the first time ever as a mom (of 9 years) that I made Kool-Aide.  I'm sure there's a name for this disease (or deprivation if you are thinking of my kids), but I really don't like the stuff and have found it makes better play dough than a drink.  My kids unanimously disagree.
And, I guess it makes pretty good mustaches

In true humbling fashion, after bragging about this big boy last week, he pulled a doozy for his Atrium teachers (Sunday school) that put our parenting halos a little dimmer.  I'm joking about this but am in no way proud of him & he was reprimanded.  But because he has precious teachers (one of whom is a dear friend & sweet beyond words), they still found something nice to pass along.  Mrs. Belinda was asking Jack about the gospel readings which involved a leper.  She quizzed him to find out if he knew what a leper was & he responded "Well, there's two kinds-the one that's a sick person and one that is an animal."  Ohhh, so close.

During Catholic Schools Week, one of the events is a vocations talk for the kids, giving them the ins and outs of being called to the religious life.  A couple days after this, Jack tells us one evening "You know, someday I'm probably going to grow up to be a priest."  And as we are telling him that would be great Lily pipes up and says "Yeah, well, I'm still gonna be a rock star."  Oh, dear.  And, I believe her-she already has a killer air guitar & head bang.  She also tells us often that when she grows up to be big she's going to have a "black mustang car so that I can go really fast!"

Jack & Lily are so very similar but just in a different mold-it's funny to see the same personality in a boy vs a girl.  But don't tell them they are alike-they both hate that!  I pray someday they will bond over their commonalities...and organize Macy.  Heehee!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

50 in 52: week 6

"Little" faith.  It's humbling.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Movie Night

This weekend, daddy went on a little trip to visit family & we stayed home with Grandma.  Movie night on Saturday was probably the highlight of the weekend-they all snuggled under the same blanket & didn't fight about it & loved every single minute of the movie.  If you haven't seen "Dolphin Tale", I would highly recommend it-awesome film, great for families.  There is only one part that shows a hurricane & was intense, but it could have been because we had the volume up really, really loud.

Jack is maturing, finally, slowly growing out of the "totally losing control when he doesn't get his way" stage.  He is so much fun to be around, showing a more thoughtful nature & a silly sense of humor that we hadn't seen as much of when he was littler.  He whistles-all the time.  It's so cute (and a tad annoying) but I know that it means he's truly happy.  That's something we long to see in all of our kids!

50 in 52: week 5

Little things that go bump in the night.   A lot.  Will he sleep when he gets here?   (4 weeks & 3 days to go)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's time

I *think* it may be time for Jack to have a hair cut.
He asks me this morning as I'm soaking his head to get the hair to lay down (because it's SO dang coarse) why he couldn't have hair like Joseph's, a friend from school, because "his hair is always laying down like it's supposed to!"  I always tell him when he's 40 & he still has an amazing head of hair with no receding hairline or balding spot that he will kiss me over & over again for that head of hair he inherited from me.  He usually just looks at me with a blank stare. 

I am NOT a science minded mom

One of the major grades for fourth graders at our school is a science fair project.

Here are some facts:
1.Macy loves, loves, loves science. And animals. And things that combine the two.

2.We are told pretty much at the beginning of the SCHOOL year that we have to complete a project & it's due the end of January.

3. I'm not big in the science department, neither is my husband.  He took physics in college to cover one of his science credits.  Personally, I don't think that should count as it has almost more to do with math than science.

Fast forward to the beginning of January (possibly even in December) & we get a reminder, stating that the kids need to have an idea to present to Mrs. R.  We start looking for project ideas...and aren't coming up with anything that interests Macy.  She is wanting to do something with a live animal & the paperwork & requirements involved with using animals made it impossible-for example, we had to have several visits with a veterinarian to make sure the animal wasn't "stressed".  Oie.  Not an option.  So, I found what sounded like a simple experiment using crickets.  Macy was excited (it was something live) & I was excited (it didn't require a vet bill).  It's now the middle of January...we decide we better get started. Macy & her dad run to Petsmart & purchase 12+ crickets.  Would now be a good time to tell you that neither my husband or I can stand to be around crickets??  (I know, I know-it was my idea to begin with) Then comes the foreshadowing-the salesman at Petsmart says "Yeah, I've never hear those suckers chirp."

We get them home with all our supplies & begin the experiment.  All we have to do is heat & cool the tank & see which temperature makes the crickets chirp.  Nothing happens.  No chirping.  That's okay, we'll try the next night.  Uh, same thing the next night-those creepy little suckers would. not. chirp.  At this point we are running out of options and time.  I decide we should get some different crickets from another store.
We go to a local fish store (I don't like fish either & to be honest, this fish gives me nightmares) & buy some different crickets & peruse the gigantic fish they have on display.

Night #2, new crickets, same outcome.  Uggggh!  No chirping!  Now we are at mission critical-there's less than a week left & we have no data for this project.  It's time to sink or swim...and we decided to abandon the ship & start all over on a new project.

Both parents are hitting the web at 10:00pm, looking at "24 hour science fair projects" (so comforting to know we're not the only ones out there!) and we come up with a new project.  It wasn't glamourous or super-creative, but it worked and didn't require any special purchases.  And, what's better-Macy actually understood the process & what we were trying to accomplish.  She owned it.

Macy did a great job presenting to the judges and got a second place ribbon for her project.  She also got an A (yay!!).  Next year we will be starting a lot sooner on the science fair project, like maybe in the summer.  Ha!!