Sunday, February 10, 2013


For most of the day, my hubby took 4 of the kids out of the house while Macy & I did some major cooking.  We stocked the freezer with 3 breakfasts, 17 suppers, & 4 loves of bread.  We were exhausted by the end but I loved spending the time alone with her, helping her learn to cook & getting to find out what's on her mind.

The evening was just normal...baths and Legos and listening to songs on YouTube.  The little girls love to dance & everyone is enthralled by the videos.

(notice Barbie photo-bombing the picture with her leg? Such a show-off)

Macy has glasses now...


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! Macy looks so grown up in that picture with her glasses! And so much like her momma :) Love it!!!

Mammasita said...

Oh wow! Macy is just stunning! What a beautiful young lady.