Thursday, March 14, 2013

A tale of two days

Today is Thursday of our Spring Break. We haven't done much-other than a quick overnight trip to see all the grandparents, we have been home.

Today, like the weather, everyone seems to be in a sunny mood...working a little harder to get along & enjoy spending time together. We've been outside in the warm weather, doing some sprucing up of the backyard & having a picnic.

But yesterday. Ahhh, that was one for the record books. No one could do anything right, no one could get along. There was lots of yelling, fighting, name calling, bawling. Going outside didn't help, chores didn't help, even time alone-didn't help. Some days are like that & as a mom you need extra graces, extra prayers, & a bottle of good red wine. I wish I knew what caused those days so as to avoid them!

We did watch for the white smoke yesterday & were surprised to see it so quickly! It was fun waiting for news of our new pope & we pray for him as the leader of our church.

(Sunset at my parents-there is an unobstructed view of both the sunset & sunrise)

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