Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Computer, New Post

I'm trying this today, posting from Word. We have new computers in the house and while it's wonderful and fun, there are old, familiar ways of doing things that I have to adjust. If this works, I may take the time to post pictures from our Spring Break trip!


Here's a quote to remember:

"When Satan is knocking on your door, simply say, "Jesus, could you get that for me?"


Two weeks until Easter, the resurrection of our Lord...may this remaining time of preparation be a reminder to us all that we are anxiously awaiting Jesus!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Take it to the Next Level!

Today, Lily learned how to crawl (the right way) & to pull up...sheesh, it was a busy day!

The kids learned a while ago that if they had any toy they didn't want her to have, they would take it to the coffee table & it would be safe...

NOT ANYMORE!!! (Is that an ornery 3rd child look or am I imagining it???)
It was inevitable, but I'm so glad she figured this out so as to be mobile when I have an infant in a couple of months. I'm already devising ways to "lock her up" so that I can try to avoid nursing & running at the same time, at least some of the time!

Her Valentine's Day gift from Nana...

One of Nana's Talents

The lesson to be learned from this is that if you let your mom paint your children's faces & then take off on a 2 hr drive 2 hours after their bedtime AND they have school the next day, it might be worth it to wash their faces before throwing them in bed when you get home! Both kids had a faint hint of their artwork after scrubbing the next day, but oh well! It was well worth it!!!

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Where is she?

When Macy was born, being our first, we took so many pictures of her that I had them organized by weeks (as in Macy at 3 weeks, etc.). Gradually I slowed down (just a tad) & by the time Jack arrived, I took a little less. I am proud to say though, that not a month goes by without me taking at least a few pictures of the kids & I know when they are grown & gone I'll cherish having a ba-zillion pictures of them at every stage! Now, this brings me to my point...I realized the other day that since Macy is gone from me all day, I hardly ever take pictures of her anymore.

I hope to do better...

She's decided she wants her hair l-o-n-g, like down to her hiney & she wants to grow out her bangs...I'm relenting, reluctantly. Not on the long to her hiney, but on the bangs. She's always been a tomboy & still is-she wears jeans every day if she has a choice & plays with animals, hits baseballs, & climbs things, stating to anyone that asks that her "favorite color is blue & she HATES princesses!" But, when it comes to her hair, oh, boy. I'm telling you, she can brush & preen in front of the mirror for hours! I guess even tomboys need to look their best!

Today was a dentist checkup & cleaning-the girl absolutely loves going to the dentist. Weird, I know. Mostly because she has probably the hardest set of teeth God could bestow on someone & they never EVER have plaque buildup or even a faint hint of a cavity. But, the question always for the dentist is "WHEN am I going to lose a tooth??" Not something he sees in the near future, poor thing. But, she does have 2 of her 6 year molars-she thinks that's pretty cool.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Funny Faces & New Developments

Lily is full of funny faces...

This is one of my favorites. She has smiled like this since she was old enough to smile-it's the wrinkly nose that makes it uniquely hers.

This one looks like she has something really important to tell you.

She is very steady on her feet now, she doesn't pull up (she's tried though & gets to her knees) but can stand forever if you put her somewhere-I like the thumbs-up in this one. She's also army crawling FAST now! She gets up on her hands & knees, wiggles her hiney a few times, then gives up, does a belly-flop & goes to army style.
This picture showcases the pinnacle of our previous week...notice the 2 (actually 3) new top teeth she now sports. Just barely peeking through, but thank the Lord they are through! After a week of RSV AND getting teeth, our sweet Lily-pie was not-so-sweet!
BIG sigh...I so miss the toothless grin already...
This is how she has figured out to go from sitting to laying down-it's a perfect hurdler's pose. I have no idea how she can be that flexible, but she will sit like that or just throw down the belly & pull the legs behind her, where they belong. It looks so uncomfortable!

Ah, this one is just sweet...I love baby profiles-the round-ness of their features is just so beautiful.
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