Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The significance of shoes

Ava has insisted on wearing her tennis shoes, even when sandals would be easier or faster, and when they totally don't "go" with her outfit.  It took awhile for me to understand.

Tennis shoes mean big girl and big girls go to school.

She misses her sister.  Lily gets to go to school (& wears her tennis shoes every day) & has so many exciting things to tell us at lunch when we pick her up.  And she's not home to entertain & play all morning which is the only existence Ava has ever known.  My baby girl that has always been more than happy to be attached (literally) to my hip wants to leave me & do this school thing because her big sister does it & loves it.  I'm a little sad, but hopeful that next year-when it's right for her-Ava will enjoy her mornings just as much as Lily.

It's been sweet to watch Ava try to emulate her older siblings-she tells them stories of what her teacher said or what she did in school, she wears her tennis shoes & often packs a backpack to hang by the door.  Most of the time the girls are sweet & play along with her (Jack not so much).  I know in my heart home is where she belongs for at least one more year & hope that we will have lots of quality time together, but it's hard on those days when she wants to be big so bad!

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Sunday Birthday

I'm not naming names, but someone around here had a birthday yesterday...and said person turned 37.  We think.  It's hard to keep up these days.  It was a perfect weather day, not cold or hot or windy and after letting the birthday boy take a nap (his only request for his special day) we spent some time outside.  

The big kids worked on their chin-ups.  Macy can, & always has been able to do amazing things on the play set.  She's freakishly strong and flexible.

 Henry pondered the meaning of life.

 Jack is trying to learn how to flex his muscles.

One evening, Jack is in the kitchen with us & sticking his tongue out weird, kind of curling it.  We are both watching him & I ask him "Jack, are you trying to see your own tongue?"  I was right...and he can do it.

Macy took this one for me!